What is Kundalini Yoga?

The term “Kundalini” refers to an energy or life force that resides at the base of your spine. It is often portrayed as a coiled snake, ready to raise up through your spine, unblocking energy channels that have been blocked from past traumatic experiences.

Kundalini is one of the oldest practices of Yoga that has been handed down through the centuries from master to student. In the late 1960s the secret practice of Kundalini Yoga was gifted to the world by Yogi Bhajan. This is one of the only Yoga styles that is a blend of several branches of Yoga, specifically Bhakti Yoga (the practice of devotion and chanting), Raja Yoga (the practice of meditation and mental control) and Tantra Yoga (the expression of energy and worship).

This rising of Kundalini energy through the seven Chakras cleanses the body and readies it for what Kundalini Yogis refer to as “a Kundalini awakening”. This spiritual event is meant to be so powerful it transcends the student from a point of normality to bliss, by rebuilding the nervous system.

Who is the regulatory body for Kundalini Yoga?

If you are looking to train as a Kundalini Yoga teacher you will want to ensure that any program you decide on is also recognised and accredited by the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association (IKYTA) which is the primary regulatory body for Kundalini Yoga, not Yoga Alliance.

What is the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)?

The Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) was established by Yogi Bhajan first and foremost, as an establishment to research the health benefits of Yoga. The reason behind this is simple. Yogi Bhajan wanted to provide medical evidence to the world that the practice of Yoga could physically and mentally heal the body. Up until now, we mostly have anecdotal evidence of the power of Yoga, but this is not enough if we want to bring Yoga into the classrooms and medical prescriptions across the world.

Thus, the KRI was developed to initiate this research. In addition to this, the KRI holds and safeguards the video, audio and written teachings of Yogi Bhajan and provides the certification for students training in Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhanjan.

The KRI is registered with the IKYTA to offer Kundalini trainings as taught by Yogi Bhanjan. If the school is not registered with IKYTA and the KRI then you will not be a certified Kundalini teacher and this will greatly affect your teaching career. All registered KRI and IKYTA schools can be found on the KRI website, which will help you to make the right choice of schools.

Kundalini Yoga - Level One - Curriculum

There are three levels of training to become a Kundalini Teacher of the Yogi Bhajan method.

  • Level 1 - Instruction Foundations - 220 hours
  • Level 2 - Practitioner Transformation - 5 modules totalling 300 hours
  • Level 3 - Teacher Realisation - 1000 day commitment to self-actualisation

As the curriculum structure for each level is very specific, it is best to lay it out here for you to see. Every school that is registered with the KRI will follow the same curriculum and may have some additional classes/workshops that make them stand out. Let’s take a look at the Level 1 curriculum that you can expect to cover at any Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training that is registered with the KRI.

There are six principal components to Level 1 training which make up the 180 contact hours of your training, these are:

  • Kriya and Meditation: The foundation of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan - This will cover the yoga sets (Kriyas) asanas, meditation, mudras (hand gestures) and pranayama styles for kundalini Yoga.
  • Humanology and Philosophy: The Lifestyle of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher - This will cover the history of Kundalini and other Yoga styles, as well as the philosophy of Humanoligy which is the science of living life through diet, relationships and nutrition.
  • Anatomy & Physiology: Essentials of Yogic and Functional Anatomy - Western anatomy as well as Yogic anatomy including energy channels, chakras, nadis, pranas and vayus, and the ten yogic bodies.
  • Consciousness of a Teacher: Virtues and Values of Living in the Golden Chain - The skills and techniques to become an effective instructor, including practical strategies for teaching beginners, ethical guidelines, curriculum development, and the transformational role of the teacher in developing a successful yoga practice.
  • The Master’s Touch: Cultivating a Connection to the Master - Connect with Yogi Bhajan through DVD classes and study.
  • The Practicum: Teaching from Day One - Practical experience instructing a yoga class under the supervision of a KRI Yoga Teacher Trainer, receiving written evaluation and student feedback.

In addition to this, 40 self-study hours are required to be completed before certification in the areas of service projects, a 40-day meditation, and White Tantric Yoga

Our top 8 Kundalini Yoga Schools in the world

Now that you know a little more about Kundalini Yoga, and how to train to become a teacher, lets have a look at our top 10 KRI registered schools from across the world:

The Aquarian Training by KRI

If you want to be a Kundalini Yoga teacher then going to the root of the tree is where you should start. The KRI has created their own 27-day, onsite immersive Kundalini training in New Mexico. Here, you will dive into the depths of Kundalini Yoga from the very source from which it was sprung.

This immersive training will bring you the focus that you need to dive deeply within. Feel connected and supported by like-minded people following their own path to transcendence. Amplify your awareness and experience through group consciousness. Dance, sing and bathe in the beauty of life.


  • Immerse yourself with the self
  • Dive deeply
  • Experience your infinity
  • 2 ½ hours daily morning sadhan
  • 2 ½ hours of Long El Ong Kar to awaken your identity and experience your infinity
  • 2 ½ hours of the Masters Touch Meditation to experience the subtle body of Yogi Bhajan and your link in the Golden Chain of teachers; Yoga Kriyas, meditations, chanting and more.
  • Become a Kundalini teacher

Duration: 27 days

What's included: Food, The Aquarian Teacher Manual, Level 1 Certification

Location: Española, New Mexico

Investment: USD $5,045 (accommodation and pricing options available on the website)

Website: Click Here

Kundalini Yoga International

Meherbani Kaur is the lead teacher of this Kundalini Teacher Training in San Diago. She has been practising Kundalini Yoga for the majority of her adult life and now, once a year, she enriches the lives of hundreds of Yogis who wish to learn more about themselves, dive deeper into the self and even to teach Kundalini yoga themselves.

This 10-week program is staggered across the year to ensure full retention of the sacred teachings and to create a community around this practice. This transformational journey will change your life, as it has for countless others.


  • Guest lecturers and speakers
  • 20 Kundalini Yoga classes at ComicFlow Studio
  • One year membership to the IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association)

Duration: 10 month program, (1 weekend per month)

What's included: All textbooks, workbooks, CD’s and binders for the course.

Location: San Diego,

Investment: USD $3,495 (Early bird prices available)

Website: Click Here

Kundalini Pilgram

This program provides the ancient teachings of Kundalini in a retreat format, allowing you to remove yourself from daily life, to focus on the self. To allow that energy within you to awaken and shake your soul. Whether you are looking to teach or seeking truth in your existence, this retreat will bring you closer to your calling.

Designed around three retreats that are each seven days long, this program will give you the tools to expand your teaching, coaching or healing practice. The examinations are required to be submitted no later than 40 days post your training, giving you the opportunity to take back into life what it is that you have learned.

This program will transport you to one of three magical locations: Turkey, Isreal or The Netherlands where you will dive into the heart of Yogic life.


  • How to bring Kundalini Yoga to your daily life and environment
  • Expand your toolkit as a coach or therapist

Duration: 21-days (total), 3 retreats at 7 days each

What's included: Course materials, certification

Location: Kerpic Evleri, Turkey

Investment: USD $2,012 (Food and accommodation to be paid separately to the venue)

Website: Click Here

Awareness Center Yoga

The Awareness Centre opened its doors in 1974 to pass on the ancient science and wisdom of Kundalini Yoga. This 8-month long program instils within you the principles of this practice and how to bring them into your everyday life. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan highlights that Yoga does not need to separate you from the world or society. It is not for others, but rather, for all.

This program truly shows each person how to integrate Kundalini Yoga into their life, their relationships and their family. It shows how a daily practice can enrich your life and bring happiness, health and holiness to everything that you do.

The Awareness Centre program is ideal for Yogis who are not able to get away for an immersive experience, and who are willing to practice and completed self-study modules between meetups.


  • Gurdwara Field Trip
  • Dr. Khalsa's Beginner Series Workshop

Duration: 8-month program (1 weekend per month)

What's included: Course materials, certification

Location: Pasadena, California

Investment: USD $3,395 (Payment plans available)

Website: Click Here


Escape the distraction of everyday life and enhance your self and your spiritual learning in New South Wales, Australia. Ramadasa has created three separate retreat weeks within a year-long framework to ignite your light of consciousness. Each week is hosted at the tranquil non-for-profit Govinda Valley Retreat Centre where vegetarian meals will be served.

Whether you are seeking to light your own candle or go on to light others, this training is for you. Finding calm in your own internal waters will help your true self to shine through, whether that is in your own life or in the life of others.

This program is uniquely designed to allow you to fully embrace and implement the teachings into your daily life before going deeper in the next session.


  • Nature retreat
  • Immersive program in the heart of nature

Duration: 3 retreats, 7 days each in duration

What's included: Accommodation, vegetarian meals, course materials, certification

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Investment: USD $3,766 (Early Bird offer)

Website: Click Here


This heart-opening program run by Yandara is open to anyone looking to re-connect with themselves and nature. This 26 day, all-includes retreat-style training will transport you to a Yogic life where you can fully embody the techniques and practices that you will be learning.

The ample opportunities to be alone in nature will re-connect you with the spirit and will help guide you in your purpose. After a transformative day in training, you can look forward to returning to one of the luxury tents that will be your accommodation. Sleeping in this collective consciousness of like-minded people, sharing your meals and experiences will enrich your training and make your personal journey that more powerful.


  • Secluded beach for personal meditations
  • Surf and bird watching opportunities

Duration: 26-days

What's included: Accommodation, vegetarian meals, course materials, certification

Location: Baja California, Mexico

Investment: USD $4,200

Website: Click Here

Soul of Yoga

The Soul of Yoga has developed a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training that goes above and beyond the standard curriculum. Follow a journey of self-development and awaken the subtle energy that resides in each and every one of us at their studio in San Diego.

As a student, you will have access to guest speakers and workshops that dive deeper into the science of Kundalini Yoga and how to apply it to your lift. You will also be given personal mentorship to fully reach your potential, whether that if in the capacity of a teacher or for your own personal development and growth.


  • Two guest speakers
  • Dr. Kulvinder Kaur
  • Guru Rattana, PhD
  • Three workshops
  • MahanKirn Kaur Khalsa: The sacred art of healing with inner silence
  • Nirinjan Kaur: Sacred chanting
  • Guru Bachan Kaur: Himalayan Singing Bowls

Duration: 23-days (total) split into two modules

What's included: Meals, snacks and tea, course materials, personal mentorship, certification

Location: San Diego, United States

Investment: TBC - Please check back at the website

Website: Click Here

Well Within

Well Within is the only KRI registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training establishment in Ireland. The founders, Jai Kartar Kaur and Guru Sahai Kaur, are Irish based Kundalini teachers who dreamed of bringing the ancient teachings of achieving internal bliss to the Irish people.

This program is spread out across the year, bringing together like-minded people to share experiences, learn from each other and to create a community that can flourish. The sacred teachings of Kundalini are brought to you in the historic city of Dublin, which will weave its own magic into your training.


  • Yogic cooking classes
  • Yogic diet

Duration: 10 Months (1 weekend per month)

What's included: Course materials, cooking class, certification, accommodation for two weekends.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Investment: USD $2,922

Website: Click Here

To Sum Up…

Kundalini Yoga is a sacred science that has been passed down from master to student in secret for centuries. Little of the transformational techniques are shared with outsiders, and so you will need to travel within and to a teacher training to fully grasp the magnitude of the internal power you have.

Kundalini Yoga will awaken the energy and power that awaits within you, to bring you peace, happiness and an understanding of your purpose in this life.