1. Deeply and authentically connecting with a large group of beautiful women in a remote location.
  2. Learning personal skills that will make you radically healthier, more vital, and more attractive in general.
  3. Develop a passion for something that will improve every area of your life, that you can take with you wherever you go.
  4. Learning to balance masculine and feminine energy, and connect on a deeper level with the women in your life.
  5. Gain unique life experiences that few other people in the world have.
  6. Gain access to a worldwide community of yogis and spiritual seekers that you will discover in any city you go to (yep, even the small obscure ones!)

All of the above are reasons why every man in the world should do a teacher training. If you are not yet convinced, here are some of our favorite male yoga teachers on instagram, haha.

Yoga was Originally a man’s practice

Throughout the history of yoga in India, it was done mostly by men. When Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutras, every exercise - body or mind, he wrote for men. At that time, spirituality, and following a master as a disciple was the privilege of men. Women at the time were living the housewife life, taking care of children and households. There was no me time for mama to go to hot yoga and ayurvedic massages. Nope. That is the invention of the 20th & 21st century. Of course we`re loving the 21st century for it, but we`d also love men to do yoga like in the good old days! Just look at masters like B.K.S Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois or T. Krishnamacharya - aren`t their lives, their health, their journeys and their lives` messages so inspiring to all humanity?

See, all men.

Another man. Why aren’t you doing this yet?

Yoga Training Creates Extremely Desirable Men

Personally, now that I’ve dated a few male yoga teachers, I find it impossible to go back to dating “normies.” Men who have done deep spiritual work on themselves are caring and connected in a way few others are. Not to mention they are generally fit and healthy (huge plus).

Men who do yoga generally have:

  • Great balance of strength and flexibility
  • Better overall health
  • Better stamina
  • Being able to spend time with yourself quietly, regularly
  • Learn humbleness
  • A meditative state of mind
  • Learning about limits, capacity and abilities
  • More emotionally connected
  • More likely to change to a healthier diet
  • Needing to have a new wardrobe full of Alo Yoga and Lululemon

Our Favourite Male Yoga Teachers of Instagram

Are you ready to see an endless list of human beauty mixed with embodied wisdom??? Here we go:

Jonah Kest - @kestyoga

Being born in the family of a yoga teacher celebrity as Bryan Kest hasn`t always been easy on Jonah. Although he grew up with yoga every day, unknowingly learning from the best, he had to find his own self. Life`s ways are unpredictable but we are super happy that with some detours and pit stops, Jonah found his own calling to become a yoga teacher and dedicate his life to sharing his knowledge. His radiant personality, forever positivity and humble attitude to life gets all of us!

Miguel Santana - @miguelhandbalance

Instagram`s handstand celebrity, Miguel Santana is a real legend. He absolutely perfected arm balances and handstands - even one arm handstand!! His story is an inspiration to all of us! And now, as a humble teacher of his expertise he`s travelling the world, training people this beautiful form of art.

Andrew Sealy - @andrew7sealy

Having started yoga at the age of 19 and always having interest in sciences on human potential, Andrew has become an inspirational teacher to all of us. To him yoga is: “Yoga is a complete science of self discovery that is not a competitive sport or mere challenge of wit. Yoga is the only practice I have found that truly challenges me to embody positive change while integrating all aspects of self discipline to bring forth harmony within the body, mind, and soul.” ( - source: [Andrews website](https://www.andrew7sealy.com/about)). Wouldnt you be intrigued to learn from him?

Josh Kramer - @joshkrameryoga

Josh has been a yoga practitioner for over a decade and on this journey his passion became practicing and teaching arm balances and handstands. With over 5 years of experience of his specialty now he`s teaching on Alo Yoga`s online app, Alo Moves, so you can access his wisdom from your livingroom (or yoga room :) ).

Dylan Werner - @dylanwerneryoga

Dylan is one of the examples of someone with a real calling. At the time when he started practicing yoga he had no intentions of becoming a teacher. Even after completing his teacher training he stuck to his job as a firefighter. When life has struck him with losing his job and not being able to find a new one was the final push he needed to dedicate all he had to yoga - and look what turned out of this situation that at the time must`ve felt like hell to him! Now a well known teacher at Alo Moves, and travelling the world holding workshops - we are all blessed to have his teachings!

A final message to men out there:

Because men are humans just like women. The end. Just kidding. Well, partially. As a woman and yoga teacher, seeing many women and men doing yoga around me on a daily basis I see how beneficial it is to all people. The contrast of what yoga shows to your life is even more drastic for men. Yoga is all about slowing down, listening to your body, surrendering, turning inwards. Let`s face it, most of our daily lives aren`t about these things. But we`re all yearning for these qualities – some more than others, but we all do. Imagine a man, working long days at the office, sitting all day every day, rushing to complete tasks by deadlines that are way too close, too many emails to answer, running from one meeting to the other. Imagine a man, who after a day like this dedicates an hour to himself. To mentally leave this artificially made up world of his. To exercise his body and mind. To think nothing. To breathe deep. To learn about his boundaries and abilities with humbleness. To really rest and relax. Imagine.

Yes, of course, life is not all about being attractive to women. It’s also about staying healthy, vibrant, and passionate about life. It’s about uncovering the depth of the human experience, and sharing that with those around you. All these things you will find on a yoga teacher training, and I am talking to you, men, because there’s still not enough of you out there.