The Island of the Gods, Bali. A place of volcanoes, sandy beaches, coral reefs, manta-rays, jungles, temples, waterfalls and of course, Yoga. A sparkling emerald gem in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is also home to some of the Yogi Gods of this decade.

Perhaps you have decided to embark on a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, or are looking to attend some classes or workshops with one or more of these amazing teachers. Whatever your driver, learning a little more about the Yogi Gods that inhabit this little island will help you to make some great decisions while visiting. Let’s take a look.

Meghan Currie

Meghan Curries it a playful, strong, determined spirit who found Yoga at 19 as a way to heal from the trauma of loosing a best friend to suicide. She began her Yoga education in Ashtanga and has since furthered her studies in Yin, Vinyasa and Anusara Yoga.

Since a little girl in Ontario, Meghan has found healing and solace in nature, which is something she still brings to her practice. After traveling extensively, practicing and learning Yoga all over the world, she has developed her own style which is a mashup of all that she has learned, with the added twist of her playful and flowing nature. Meghan lives in Bali and continues to create, learn, share and experience the healing power of yoga.

What makes her stand out?

Meghan’s energy is infectious and delicious! She radiates enthusiasm for her practice and is passionate about all things Yoga, not just Asana. She strongly believes in our connection to nature, the body and mind as well as the influence and power of energy.

She stands out from the crowd because of her endless love for our connection to everything and how Yoga can bring you back to yourself and heal the trauma within. She is enigmatic and someone who will spark a change in your life from the moment you meet her.

Practice with her

You will be thrilled to know that Meghan lives in Bali (I know right!?) and despite having workshops all over the world she offers classes, workshops, retreats and even a 200-hour YTT in Bali. Currently she has two YTT per year, so get cracking on signing up.

Check out her schedule of events for more details

Paul Teodo

Paul is a Yoga and meditation teacher from L.A., California who now hosts workshops and teaches classes at the world famous “Yoga Barn” in Ubud, Bali. After completing his initial training with YogaWorks he spent the next number of years learning and teaching Power Yoga. His classes are dynamic, powerful and masculine, while equally hold space for the sensitive.

He is well known for his powerful yoga practice as well as his determination and resilience in turning Yoga into a profitable business. He teaches workshops on “the business of Yoga” and is a guest speaker on the subject at many Yoga Teacher Trainings, including East+West Yoga’s YTT in Bali.

What makes him stand out?

Paul is a dynamic and inspirational leader in the business of Yoga. He enthusiastically educated people on how to turn your passion into a profitable business. You really can live your dream life and not have to scrap pennies to survive. He is funny, engaging and lives the principles that he teachers.

Another one of his talents is music. Not only does he lead powerful yoga classes, but also deep meditation sessions guided by the sound of his guitar. His music will transport you further into your meditative state, allowing you to clear away the cobwebs and allow the truth to surface.

Practice with him

Paul currently teachers at “The Yoga Barn” famous in Ubud, Bali. Here you can attend one of his Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Sound Healing or Meditation classes throughout the week. He is also a guest teacher at many YTT within Bali and across the US, so keep an eye out on his Facebook profile for more information.

Check out the links before for the Yoga Barn Schedule and Paul's Facebook profile.

Guruji Ketut Arsana

Guruji Ketut was born to a family of Healers in Bali and is now known as being one of the founding figures of the Yoga Mecca that Ubud is today. As a young child he felt bored and saddened about the life that he led, with little hope of any change in his future. In his teens spiritual teaches appeared in his life who taught him about Moksha and “oneness with God”, Yoga and meditation. Finally he found something that sparked excitement and interest in his soul. He went to school to study religion as he was hungry to learn more about this world of becoming one with God.

He started to incorporate what he learnt from his schooling with Yoga and taught it to anyone who would give him the time. Not many people were interested in Yoga at this time in Bali, but he persevered. Over the years he has expanded his reach and is now considered a powerful healers and teacher of Kundalini Tantra Yoga. He travels the world practicing and participating in workshops.

What makes him stand out?

Guruji Ketut has a gift as a master of Kundalini Tantra Yoga from his background and experience as a traditional healer. His humble upbringing instills authenticity passion into his teaching and blessings. People travel from around the world to participate in his classes that teach students of yoga how to live from the heart, rather than from the mind.

The influence and statute that Guruji Ketut has within the local community means that he is able to make a difference to the lives of local people. He often gives to charities and supports local communities similar to the one that he was brought up in. He still lives in Bali and has opened several companies based around Yoga where they employ local balinese people, therefore providing work and spiritual connection to locals.

Practice with him

Guruji Ketut runs Master Retreats at Om Ham Resort which he founded just outside Ubud. He has a small team that he has personally put together who run Kundalini Tantra Yoga class twice a day. On a Sunday you can attend a Kundalini Tantra Yoga class and blessing with Guriji Ketut himself.

Check out the schedule below for more details:

Octavio Salvador

Born in Melbourne, Octavio found Yoga at an early age, practicing pranayama techniques and Kriya in his back yard. In his teens he studied Philosophy but quickly became bored with the stagnant approach to exploring the human experience. He packed his bags and traveled through India for the next decade, learning everything he could about yoga, choosing experience with Masters over certificates (though he also has several).

His dedicated the next 7 years to learning Tantric Hatha Yoga under the direction of David Goulet, beloved disciple of Dr. Swami Gitananda. Currently, Octavio is practicing Sri Vidya Tantra under the guidance of Guruji, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, disciple of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, and current spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute.

Octavio has travelled Asia to learn all that he could about the human spirit and finally settled in Bali. He believes that yoga is for the wholehearted, for the fearless at heart and has therefore co-founded “The Practice” in Canggu, Bali. This is a space where like minded people can gather together to learn the Kriya Lineage. Other traditional forms of Yoga asana are also offered, such as Vinyasa.

What makes him stand out?

Octavio lives and breathes Yoga, while still maintaining his own uniqueness. He fights back against yoga stereotypes, choosing to bring his personality to the table, who is someone who collects motorbikes, has many tattoos, and drinks coffee and wine. He is authentic and down to earth, showing that you Yoga is your own path, not a set one that you need to mould yourself to.

His entire life Octavio has dived further and deeper into the Kriya Yoga lineage that includes Tantra, Kundalini, Pranayama and bandhas. This is his speciality and what makes him stand out from others around him.

Practice with him:

Specifically, Octavio teaches and practices Tantra yoga styles including Fire Hatha, as part of the Sun, Moon and Fire series. Each of these classes can be taken at “The Practice” throughout the week, with classes specifically for beginners, intermediate and advanced students of Tantra.

Check out his class schedule below:

Punnu Singh Wasu

Punnu is a force of light and love. At the tender age of 5 in India, Punnu sat down with his father to learn the harmonium. By the age of 10 he had moved on to learn the Indian classical music (Hindustani) and was traveling around India with his father singing Kirtan. His beautiful and soulful voice and talent with music has led him to travel around the world leading many people in Kirtan meditations, sound healing and devotion through music. After all, Kirtan is a form of Bhakti which is a branch of Yoga that is dedicated to “devotion”. Kirtan allows us to show devotion through music, song and dance.

Music is not Punnu’s only talent, he has been gifted with the hands of a healer. Over the last 25 years he has studied and become a master in Reiki, as well as other healing modalities such as Chakra and crystal healing as well as meditation. He now lives in Bali, where he guides students and offers his healing modalities at The Yoga Barn -

What makes him stand out?

Punnu stands out from other teachers of Yoga in that he does not teach Asana. He focuses on the other branches of Yoga, such as devotion and meditation. To free the mind and allow it to travel through song and silence.

He represents what Yoga is through a path that is less followed by some. Showing that enlightenment, bliss and spiritual awakening can come from others practices, not just the movement of the body through Asana.

Practice with him

Punnu offers his many gifts at “The Yoga Barn”, famous in Ubud, Bali. There you will find him leading Kirtan workshops and evenings, meditation 2-day workshops as well as healing sessions. If you are interested in healing modalities such as Reiki, Punnu offers 100hour and 200hour teacher training programs at “The Yoga Barn”.

Check out the link below that will include his schedule:

Deep Kumar

Deepak Kumar, more widely known as “Deep”, started his Yoga journey in 1994 when he traveled from his home town in India to Tapovan Dhyan Dham Vidyapeeth, a classical yoga ashram located at the foothills of the Himalayas. There he studied the art and science of the traditional forms of Yoga; including Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, Pranayama and Meditation.

His love and passion for Yoga grew, leading him to advance his practice and train as a teacher at the world renowned Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute. Here he honed his skills and knowledge in anatomy and physiology of Yoga asana, and how the mind-body connection can work to release and heal trauma, both physical and emotional.

What makes him stand out?

Deep brings a great sense of yoga and laughter to his teacher trainings, classes and workshops. He believes strongly in the balance of the body and the mind and the restorative properties of Yoga.

Deep approaches his trainings with the principle that each person in an individual, and therefore has individual needs and abilities. This means that he works with each person's body to know what will work specifically for them, to balance the body and the mind. He uses laughter, dance and catharsis as gateways to meditation, showing that Yoga may be ancient, but is indefinitely not boring or serious.

Practice with him

Deep has his own school “Deep Yoga Institute” that offers 200, 300 and 500-hour YTT in Malaysia, India and Bali. He has also partnered with East+West Yoga to lead some of these 200 and 300-hour YTT in Bali, Costa Rica and India.

Check out the links below for information on Deeps trainings:

To Sum Up…

There are hundred of Yoga teachers in this world, but only a handful of ones that have truly dedicated their lives to learning and practicing this ancient science in order to pass it on to those who are equally as passionate about it.

I have introduced you to a few of these amazing teachers, so come and explore the depths of your soul, and the limits of your body with them here, in Bali. Walk with the Gods of Yoga on the Island of the Gods.