Dharamshala – this small town in northern India, in the Himalayas is home to only 50.000 people, including his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama himself. Its peaceful energy and beautiful location is attracting more and more people to visit every year, and it is never a disappointment to anyone. Hikes in the mountains, yoga schools with Indian yoga masters, high quality locally sourced Indian food and much more can be found here. The word Dharamshala means `shelter` for spiritual pilgrims. Traditionally these rest houses were built near pilgrimage destinations in remote areas to give visitors a place to sleep. Dharamshala had his name from this meaning for a reason – a safe haven for all.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in India

Many yogis and yoginis from the west are travelling to India to learn about yoga and meditation, and for a good reason. When you start researching teacher trainings in India you`ll find heaps of options, mainly in Goa, Rishikesh, Kerala and around Mysore. These are the main centers for studying yoga. Most schools have trainings at multiple locations and those are usually the above ones. You can probably find trainings around Varanasi and Delhi as well, but way less schools than the “hit destinations”. And then there`s this small hidden city in the Himalayas, called Dharamshala, which is a little gem, with so many good schools and great teachers.

Why Dharamshala

Dharamshala is still a less touristy spot in India – but touristy enough for it to be safe for westerners. I believe this little town is a hidden gem for both travellers, yogis, and yoga-teacher-to-bes, and here`s why:

• Dharamshala has an international airport, so it`s easy to get to even if one doesn`t want the hustle and bustle of long train and bus rides through India

• Dharamshala is the home of the Dalai Lama – I mean if he chose to live there, who would not want to visit and feel this place?!

• Since it`s the home to the Dalai Lama, Tibetans have built many religious, educational and cultural institutions here for the preservation of their culture so there`s a lot of culture to explore around here

• Dharamshala has many great internationally recognised yoga schools that offer intensive trainings for those who are ready to learn

• When doing an immersive teacher training, the energy of the place is very important. It`s time for self-reflection, self-discovery, to have an open mind and heart and altogether to look more inwards. This kind of work need a supportive environment – and what would be better than the tranquillity of nature, the mountains, the presence of monks, the availability of healthy food, and a humbling environment.

• Since it`s not such a main location for yoga teacher trainings, the price of trainings can also be less than other mainstream locations

Top yoga schools you need to check out in Dharamshala

1. Mantra Yoga Meditation School

MYMS has yoga teacher trainings in multiple locations in India, and one of them is in Dharamshala. They are the first yoga school in Dharamshala to offer a yoga and meditation teacher training combined. The yoga style they teach is mainly based on the primary and secondary ashtanga series and is combined with vinyasa flow style. You`ll do this certification course in 24 intensive days and will gain a Yoga Alliance approved certification.

Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Vinyasa

Website: https://mantrayogameditation.org/yoga-teacher-training-in-dharamsala/

Price: 1300-1600 USD

Length: 24 days

2. Kashmis Shaivism School of Yoga

In the footsteps of the Himalayas, in a hidden little spot you`ll find the retreat place of KSSOY. Easily accessible and still remote location will provide you with all the tranquillity you need to easily get into the mindset of slowing down. The main principle of teaching here at KSSOY is to teach you the proper alignment of postures and how to convey this to your students in a gentle, loving way. You`ll have long days starting at 6:30 AM, class after class – giving you the intensity that`s needed to get deep into this practice and immerse yourself in the knowledge you`re given.

Yoga Style: Hatha

Website: http://ksschoolofyoga.com/yoga-teacher-training-dharamsala/

Price: 1200-1400 USD (not including accommodation and food)

Length: 28 days

3. Neo Yoga

Neo Yoga`s venue`s serenity and closeness to nature will be the best nurturing place for you to start this yogic journey. With more than 12 hour long training days you`ll be busy immersing your body and mind in the science of yoga asana, meditation, teaching methodology and much more. The certificate you`ll gain at the end of your training is approved by Yoga Alliance, so gives you the opportunity to teach worldwide.

Yoga Style: Hatha

Website: https://www.neoyogaindia.com/200-yttc-dharmashala/

Price: 1300-1600 USD

Length: 24 days

4. Sarvaguna Yoga

Sarvaguna Yoga is one of the cheapest options you`ll find out there for a 200 hour yoga teacher certification in Dharamshala – but the price does not reflect quality, my friend. Experienced teachers will guide you on the journey of becoming the best yoga teacher you can be. Check out the pictures on their website to get inspired and I bet you will not be disappointed of what`s waiting for you if you choose to study eith Sarvaguna Yoga.

Yoga Style: Hatha

Website: https://www.sarvagunayoga.org/200-hour-yoga-teacher-training-yttc-in-dharamsala/

Price: 1100-1400 EUR

Length: 25 days

5. Trimurti Yoga

Trimurti Yoga is a well known school in India, holding teacher trainings at multiple locations. Their multi style 200 hour yoga teacher training will give you knowledge on hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga yoga in a weekly breakdown. Starting with the basics of hatha yoga, you`ll add more and more knowledge and variations with bringing vinyasa and ashtanga elements in. By the end of your course you`ll be confident in knowing how to embody the practice that fits you most and through this, become an authentic teacher of yoga.

Yoga Style: Multi style – hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga

Website: https://www.trimurtiyoga.com/200-hour-multi-style-yoga-teacher-training-course/

Price: 1300-1750 EUR

Length: 27 days