India and Yoga have a relationship that goes back over five millennia. The "tree" has rooted deeply and branched vastly over the past few decades. Your desire to complete a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate course from India is completely justified. Why? Three main reasons:

  1. You will be receiving the traditional first-hand experience right in the place of Yoga's birth.
  2. You can attain some quality cultural exchange and explore a whole new world that is India.
  3. A Yoga TTC from India is more beneficial on your Resume while it doesn't make your wallet lighter by much.

Of course, trying to find a suitable Yoga School in India is like looking for a raindrop in the sea. To reduce your dilemma, we have curated the six best schools pan-India, that offer a Yoga Alliance Certification. The schools are rated based on overall performance under these categories:

Education\ Ambience \ Accommodation \ Gastronomy

Swasti Yoga, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

If you aspire to learn Yoga in its purest form, this school is tailored for you. Swasti Yoga is led by one of the most sought after masters in the world, Surinder Singh. His subtle yet power-packed style has amassed him thousands of disciples globally. Although very minimalist with respect to accommodation and food, the education at Swasti Yoga is like finding a treasure. Surinder Ji has an old-school approach towards Yoga which is all about compassion and cordiality. His motto: "I don't teach Yoga; I SHARE Yoga". Prepare to be humbled at the absolutely delightful and knowledgeable aura of Surinder Ji and his unique style of teaching.

Hatha Yoga is the main style in focus at Swasti Yoga. Asana, Pranayama, and Dhyana (meditation) will be covered in detail. Anatomy and Philosophy will be given special importance as well. You also get a glimpse into Ayurveda. Inspiring and empowering Satsangs on a regular basis will be an added quirk. The strongly therapeutic atmosphere generates good vibes all over. This is truly why hundreds of practitioners come back to Surinder even after they're well-established teachers. His impeccable alignment classes are certainly something to experience on your own.

The school is nestled between the lush foliage and the Himalayan range of Rishikesh. Decent and comfortable rooms are available for your stay. Since this school propagates "Real Yoga", it is important to understand that luxury should never be a priority for a real Yogi. The food provided is simple but nutritious all the same. Swasti Yoga creates an absolute Yogi out of you.

Visit website:\ Style: Hatha \ Courses: 200H TTC\ Education: 5/5\ Ambience: 4.5/5\ Accommodation: 3.5/5\ Gastronomy: 4/5

Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore, Karnataka

The quaint city of Mysore has made its name as the Capital of Ashtanga Style. Ashtanga Yoga Mysore is one of the few Yoga schools in the country that has an extremely strong lineup of masters. Many of the teachers are practicing Doctors and Physicians. You can certainly rest assured that you're in good hands, quite literally. The mission of Ashtanga Yoga Mysore is simple: Developing sound bodies to encourage sound minds. The dedication of each master will motivate and guide you to reach your goals; both spiritual and physiological. To give you an intimately immersive edge, their intake is usually small groups.

Ashtanga is the forte of this school. There are courses suitable for both beginners and intermediate level practitioners. All the Asana Teachers are the direct disciples of Ashtanga Yoga legend BNS Iyengar. Beginner Hatha courses are also available. You will learn Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Anatomy classes under renowned Spiritual Gurus and experienced Medicos. Pranayama, Meditation, Applications of Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, and Capoeira will add to the beneficial knowledge you gain here.

Located close to the majestic Chamundi Hills, Ashtanga Yoga Mysore has a wonderful picturesque view. You will be staying in clean and comfortable rooms. The vegetarian meals are well balanced, sattvik, and delicious. For an immersive and inspirational Ashtanga TTC, try Ashtanga Yoga Mysore.

Visit website:\ Style: Ashtanga Beginner, Ashtanga Intermediate, Hatha Beginner\ Courses: 200H TTC, 300H TTC\ Education: 5/5\ Ambience: 4.5/5\ Accommodation: 4/5\ Gastronomy: 4/5

Kailash Tribal School of Yoga & Holistic Healing, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

The brain behind Kailash Tribal School of Yoga is Yogi Sivadas. His ardour towards Yoga, its Philosophy, and life in general, will leave you seeking more. Yogi Sivadas is a passionate proponent of Holistic Yoga. With over 25 years of experience, he not only teaches Yoga, but lives it. Yogi Sivadas aspires to help you create a holistic lifestyle through his knowledge of the theoretical, practical, and therapeutic aspects of Yoga. The atmosphere quietly resounds with enthusiasm, discipline, and austerity.

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My very own India ✨🌲 \\\[part1/4] . I remember last year a few days before I first traveled to India a woman told me : I wish you to find your very own India. I did not really get the value of these words but now I got it very well. I have a week left here in the powerful and peaceful setting of the Himalayas and I think I have found my very own India in the persons of these 3 blissful men through their heart and their knowledge. . The first one is a mystic Yogi named Sivadas with more than thirty years of teaching and traveling experience. He founded The Kailash Tribal School of Yoga and Holistic Health twenty years ago. I like to call him Sir as a proof of deep respect. I could never thank him enough for what he has awaken in me since I first met him last year and through these 500hours of training and contact hours. By his side I have learnt so much that it sometimes feels like a reeducation where I get to observe myself, keep the best and let go the rest as much as possible. He created the space and gave me the tools to built a mindful practice for myself. This requires a huge amount of love. One could think that advanced practice is full of handstands, fancy inversions or poses and pushing a bit more the bends… I actually found myself in the opposite situation deepening my practice by simplifying it, deconstructing the poses slowly, being more precise in my sensations, breathing more slowly. I had the chance to be guided in deep meditations with Yogi Sivadas, driven to places where it’s not easy to go alone but it felt so safe with him. Yogi Sivadas is definitely a man of trust 💙🙏🏻

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Most Yoga schools have an array of teachers for different subjects. That is not the case at Kailash Tribal School of Yoga. Yogi Sivadas is like a live lexicon of wisdom. He personally handles all the classes with such ease that it inspires every student to achieve the same ability. The unique style of Yoga taught here has been developed by Yogi Sivadas. It has been aptly named Holistic Yoga. However, it doesn't stray away from the standard Hatha curriculum. Equal importance is given to Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy, Alignment & Teaching Methods, and Anatomy. You will also be introduced to Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.

The Upper Himalayas are truly a world apart. This School is situated in McLeodganj, a pristine village in Dharamsala. The location alone is a huge plus due to its tranquility and spell-binding surroundings. Beautiful rooms with mountainous views from the windows, Ayurvedic food - these are some of the factors that make this stand apart from other Yoga TTCs.

Visit website:\ Style: Holistic Yoga (Multi-style)\ Courses: 200H TTC, 300H TTC, 500H TTC, Reiki, Sound Healing, Ayurveda, Meditation\ Education: 4.5/5\ Ambience: 5/5\ Accommodation: 5/5\ Gastronomy: 4/5

Rama School of Yoga, Varkala, Kerala

Varkala is an idyllic beach town in the South Indian state of Kerala. The Rama School of Yoga offers one of the most well-known Yoga TTCs in Kerala. Ramarajan is the lead Yoga Guru. He has mastered Hatha from the renowned Sivananda Yoga Ashram and also studied Ashtanga from Mysore. He is the perfect blend of sternness, exuberance, and an overall positive attitude. He leads a simple Yogi lifestyle, and makes you aspire to do the same. His open-hearted nature and friendly face reminds you of a brother you never knew you had.

Rama School of Yoga propagates true Yogic lifestyle. Rama incorporates the Yoga Alliance curriculum and gives it a personal touch. Ashtanga and Hatha are the main styles in focus here. Variations and modifications for the poses are given special importance by Rama. Sunil Kumar is an expert in Vedanta, Yoga Sutras, and many other schools of Indian Philosophy. Anatomy teacher Nisha is a matron of mindfulness and being 'in the moment'. She incorporates her expertise in Anti-gravity fitness into her lectures to provide tackling measures for various ailments.

\ Every teacher here is highly knowledgeable and approachable. People just say 'feel at home', but, Rama School of Yoga means it. You'll be waking up to the sound of the ocean, as the school is located right on the beach. Even the Yoga space is surrounded by trees and your Yoga sessions will be accompanied by songs of nature. The famed Varkala Cliffs are a stone's throw away. You can either swim to your heart's content in the Arabian Sea or explore the lovely beach town. The accommodation is not too luxurious but comfortable. The food is delicious. Wholesome experience guaranteed.

Visit website:\ Style: Ashtanga, Hatha\ Courses: 200H TTC\ Education: 4.5/5\ Ambience: 5/5\ Accommodation: 4/5\ Gastronomy: 4/5

Gyan Yog Breath, Rishikesh

Gyan Yog Breath is, what you might call, a "modern traditional" Yoga School. It combines the age-old Eastern mystic knowledge with a contemporary Western perspective. The motto of Gyan Yog Breath is: Combining Gyan (Wisdom) with Breath (Breathing) to create a sense of Yog (Oneness). Swami Bipin Gyan founded Gyan Yog Breath with the sole purpose of guiding fellow souls in the path of self-discovery and growth. The faculty specialises in customised approach. They gauge your physical and psychological standing and knit lessons in a personalised fashion. A mix of Indian and Foreign teachers makes this an interesting and wholly informative TTC.

This is one of the few TTCs that includes Ethics of Yoga Teachers, Emotional Blockage Treatment and Transformational Breathing in the curriculum. Emotional Blockage Treatment is aimed mostly towards those individuals who suffer from any sort of emotionally crippling trauma. Transformational Breathing is a process that incorporates vibrations created through specific breathing patterns to speed up dynamic healing, resulting in positive transformation. By introducing you to the Ethics of Yoga Teachers, they will inspire you share your gift to the world in a way that benefits all.

Unlike most schools in Rishikesh, Gyan Yog Breath is located closer to Rishikesh town. It is well hidden from the epicenter of chaos, though. River Ganga flows in grandeur right outside your window along the green Himalayan foothills. The school has pristine rooms and a kitchen staff that serves love on your plate. If you want to transform yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Gyan Yog Breath is the place to be.

Visit website:\ Style: Hatha, Ashtanga\ Courses: 200H TTC, 300H TTC, 500H TTC\ Education: 5/5\ Ambience: 4.5/5\ Accommodation: 4.5/5\ Gastronomy: 4/5

Oceanic Yoga, Mandrem, Goa

Goa has an incredible beach culture, lively people, active nightlife, and tropical terrains. You will be welcomed to a completely different world from the rest of India. Oceanic Yoga is one of the reputed TTC centres in Goa. It embraces a multifarious technique handcrafted to suit you despite your cultural background. Boasting an eclectic mix of teaching staff, Oceanic Yoga lays the groundwork for your future as a Yoga Teacher in a sprightly and progressive atmosphere. Yogi Abhay is the founder of Oceanic Yoga. The school adopts a module which brings the physical and philosophical aspects of Yoga to merge smoothly, thus making it engrossing and intense all at once.

The multi-style courses are decently paced so that there is ample time for you to relax on the beach after working up a sweat. Anatomy, Alignment and Variations, and Yoga Philosophy are taught by experts in a traditional manner. The classes are intense, but the playfulness of the teachers tremendously motivates you. The deliberately pragmatic lectures ease you into the information-heavy subjects comfortably. Some of the teachers have a background in Dance, which makes their classes fluid and poetic. Additionally, you will learn the Ethics of Yoga Teachers and how to explore Yoga as a Business. These entail necessary inputs for a prospective Yoga Teacher like yourself.

Located on the quiet Mandrem Beach, Oceanic Yoga has a sprawling campus with a variety of accommodations. You can choose from sea facing cottages and shared rooms depending on your budget. It is the perfect Yoga School for you if you are a beach body. Vegan food options are available along with the scrumptious vegetarian meals. This is one of the more luxurious options for a TTC, but will be totally worth it.

Visit website:\ Style: Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative\ Courses: 200H TTC, 300H TTC, 500H TTC\ Education: 4/5\ Ambience: 4.5/5\ Accommodation: 5/5\ Gastronomy: 4/5

Which school to choose now?

If you have read so far, you probably already have an idea of what you are looking for exactly. The schools in Goa are relatively priced higher than other Yoga schools in India. Also, Indian monsoons are kind of overwhelming, and you might not be able to explore much if you find yourself in any of the coastal areas or mountains. So, if you are planning for a TTC in July or August, bet safely and choose wisely.

You cannot benefit from exercise if you don't really know what the benefits actually are, right? Traditionally speaking, Yoga is not just about exercise and flexibility. This is why every TTC mandatorily includes the Philosophy and Anatomy part of it. If you are a complete beginner, we suggest you to pick a Hatha course as it acts as a preface to Yoga.

In conclusion: Open the doors of your mind. Make some room for varied beliefs, cultures, and traditions. Most importantly, be ready to collect the pieces of your blown mind if you're visiting India for the first time.