The beauty and the feminine mysticism surrounding the island of Bali makes it a perfect place for prayer, Sadhana and self-inquiry. No wonder why is considered one of the best places in the world to take a Yoga teacher training or a wellness retreat.

It would take only 3,5 hours to go from north to south of the island by scooter, and the reason why most of the people choose Ubud as a base location it’s because it’s a central point that makes easy, quick and accessible to go anywhere else.

Ubud it’s a magical jungle retreat.

During the day the center can get really crowded, but nothing like a capital city in the West can be. If your training is 4km away from the Monkey Forest, you will be safe (from the cheeky monkeys!) and peaceful. Nevertheless, Ubud villas and homestays have the special particularity of making you feel like you are in the middle of a rice field (because indeed, sometimes you actually are), and even if your accommodation it’s on the busiest spot, the chance to be disturbed by the street noises is not very high.

If your Teacher training doesn’t include accommodation, DO NOT panic at all. Ubud has so much to offer from very basic rooms to very cool and inexpensive eco-lodges.

If there is something remarkable about Ubud town, it’s the beautiful conscious community that has originated. The abounding healthy restaurants, sustainable shops and Yoga studios located at a walking distance from one another has boosted the gathering of like-minded people, exploring different ways to diminish the human footprint and improve the relationship with Mother Earth.

If you were already thinking about making some lifestyle changes to honor and thank our planet and fellow creatures, Ubud has some great proposals.

At the Zero Waste store, you can find a variety of products made sustainable to shift into a more environment-friendly lifestyle.

If you feel this is your call and dharma, you can find many groups on Facebook, Instagram and other social media advertising all kinds of activism and movements.

For the Yoga-junkies, check out Radiantly Alive’s schedule. They have international teachers coming over and hosting a variety of interesting workshops on how to get those challenging asanas done. Meditation techniques, conscious movement or women circles. They’re really useful and you get to meet fascinating experts.

In addition to healthy restaurants, Yoga and fitness activities, Ubud is a dream place for self-care. Spa’s and beauty parlors fill the streets with cheap packages and wellness experiences. After your first or second week of teacher training, you will REALLY enjoy having a Spa day. You won’t have to look so far; it is there, right on the corner of your street.

Flower Bath and Ayurvedic massages

with essential oils are a must-try in Ubud

Are you looking for a really strong, deep tissue massage, or more of a relaxing touchy experience to enter the frequency of the Alpha waves of the brain?

The Yoga training is very demanding physically, and probably you will accumulate tension in the most remote muscles (those you didn’t even know you had). You want to release that tension to keep giving your best in the practice. If that’s your case, then you will be more likely to enjoy the strong hands of Wayan at Ida’s.

If, in contrast, 3 hours pampering in a Spa and aromatherapy environment is what your body and mind are screaming for, go for Beji Ayu’s Spa packages.

These options are affordable and enjoyable, suitable for all budgets. Having something fancier in mind? There are plenty of options in luxury resorts like Wapa di Ume or The Udaya Resort.

If what turns you on is good music and wild movement, know that Ecstatic dance is THE THING in Ubud. You will find yourself surrounded by LOTS of people, moving blissfully and with no stereotyped formula. It’s a great feeling of losing control (if we ever had any) in a safe and fun environment. In case you’ve never tried it before, this is your moment. Practically every day you will find some offering Ecstatic Dance. The Yoga Barn is a great place for a debut.

“Meditation can happen in poetry, music, dance… anything that makes you step out of your personality because personality it’s the Ego’s expression”

In addition to all the pampering and inner work you will do, as the crafts and culture center, Ubud offers many kinds of dynamic meditations. From raw food cooking classes to jewelry making workshops.

Immerse yourself in some artsy work to unwind the mind from the challenging training course.

Celuk is 12km away from Ubud, where you can buy cheap silver, beautiful gemstones and learn how to create a unique piece of jewelry

For those that can appreciate arts and crafts, exploring the Tegallalang handicraft center is a must-do. You will fall in love with this 10km length road full of art shops and different sculptures, paintings and clothes.

Overall, Ubud is beautiful and jungly everywhere, surrounded by banana, coconut, papaya trees and paddy fields. The harmony of the surrounding nature is perfect to get lost in a meditative walk.

Do you need a vehicle to move around??

-Not necessarily. In the center, shops, restaurants and yoga studios are pretty concentrated in one area, but you will need a vehicle to move in the surroundings. You can get taxis and bikes in every corner or using apps.

How much will you spend on food & accommodation?

-You can find homestays and hostels for $5 a night or a beautiful villa with a kitchen for $500 a month. However, the rates for a room in a villa with a pool would be around $15-50.

Having lunch at a local warung can cost you as little as $1.5, but if you go for a healthy option in a more “westernized” restaurant will cost you around $8-10.

What are the must do’s in the area?

-Visit the water temple Tirta Empul, (15km from Ubud), check out the rice terraces of Tegallalang, a quick visit to the Monkey Forest, the Campuhan Ridge Walk, check out the Temples, and definitely have a raw lunch at Alchemy Cafe.__

Canggu has the surf-hipster vibes

Although Ubud is for excellence the paradise for the Yogi Community, Canggu is not far behind in the yoga scene. Known as the hotspot for digital nomads, Canggu use to be a secret surfers village and has become a fun water-playground, with beachy and modern restaurants.

Besides the many Yoga studios offering Teacher Training around the area, this town has a special Yoga offers for the most dedicated practitioners. Samadi Bali it’s a conscious center providing Yoga classes, healthy food, holistic treatments and has its own residency for Yogis. The environment is great, and on Sundays, there is an Organic Local Market going on where you can find ALL the superfoods, threads and crafts you ever imagined. Very worth checking it out.

Serenity Yoga brings the Yoga and the Nomad community together in a cool residency setup perfect for backpackers, groups of friends, or solo yogi travelers. They have 10+ yoga classes every day, from Yin to Ashtanga and they offer yoga ‘retreat style’ packages for 4, 7 or 31 days.

So, if before or after your training you’re craving the yogi’s lodge vibe, enroll for a few days of a more relaxed and less competitive yoga environment.

Canggu is located between North Kuta and Tanah Lot, just 10 minutes from Seminyak.

Udara Bali is the chosen hangout spot for both yogis and surfers. This holistic yoga resort offers detox programs to cleanse, recharge and replenish your body after the energy drain of the training, a place where you will be still surrounded by a high Yogic frequency in a slower and moderate rhythm. The gorgeous location has 4 yoga shalas and a meditation platform, spa, healthy food restaurant and a juice bar.

Canggu will help you neutralize your energy with its salty ocean vibes, pacify your soul with the delicious food and experience the heavenly island life in all aspects.

Do you need a vehicle to move around?

-A scooter is a great option. Canggu is a bit more spread out and to reach beaches, restaurants and in general, accommodations is the comfiest way. You can always book a stay in Batu Bolong, which is a very concentrated street, but to explore around, you will enjoy a bike.

How much will you spend on food & accommodation?

-You could get a bed in a dorm for $8, but a private room with AC will start at $20.

There are a variety of healthy restaurants in Canggu, a salad bowl and a juice it’s around $10. There are local warungs available for much cheaper.

What are the must do’s in the area?

-Explore Batu Bolong street, check out the beaches, Tanah Lot temple, visit the neighboring village of Seminyak.

Uluwatu; a more virginal, pristine and tranquil beach paradise

The southwest coas of the Island is the area you want to be in to relax, be away from the crowds, and reconnect with nature. The reef makes the shores calm and good for swimming and perfect for surfing further away from the beach.

The tourist population is not elevated like other places in Bali yet, even though it’s popularity is growing day by day.

Uluwatu has not that many options for Yoga teacher training, but the schools offering it are worthy. The enormous benefit of doing your course here is the opportunity to explore the beaches around during the break between classes.

To reach to some of the best beaches you will need to walk under the sun for some time, but it is a very rewarding effort

Uluwatu Surf Villas is situated on a cliff and have the most gorgeous setting on the island. The villa's restaurant, Mana, has an infinity pool with ocean view, a great scene to enjoy an elaborated veggie breakfast or a delicious and unique mocktail in the sun.

The Surf Villas offers so much to be present; enjoy a walk in the gardens and listen to live traditional Balinese music, sit on the bench facing the stunning cliff view, or join the yoga classes imparted at 7am or 4pm.

The fee for the yoga class includes a free cold coconut and 10% off at MANA RESTAURANT after Class

The 100% recycled wooden eco-lodge, Yoga Searcher provides Yoga classes, an organic holistic spa and a plant-based kitchen open from breakfast to dinner serving raw, local, organic and gluten-free options for optimal nutrition.

Do you need a vehicle to move around?

-Again, Uluwatu is also a coastal area and there are long stretches of road in-between places, so a scooter is a preferred transport.

How much will you spend on food & accommodation?

-Uluwatu generally speaking is a bit more costly than other cities, and that is because it’s still a rough diamond to be polished. Yet, you can easily find a decent double room for $10 in a bit more remote area and have a delicious pizza at the rococo Italian restaurant La Baracca for $5.

What are the must do’s in the area?

-Simply relax, surf, do yoga, explore the beaches around and make sure you make it for sunset at the magical ceremony of the Uluwatu temple.

Feeling a bit too excited about your teacher training in Bali after this hint of what paradise feels like?

Find the perfect school for you!